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Preventing Carbon Monoxide: HVAC Safety Tips

Ocean City HVAC tips - prevent carbon monoxideEveryone has heard of carbon monoxide and the scary results of exposure, but not enough have any real idea about how to prevent it. Having a CO2 detector is an important tool to use in protecting yourself and your loved ones.

However, preventing a leak from appearing in the first place is an even more important step to take. Learning more about this topic could literally be the difference between life and death.

Protecting Your Household

If you would like to be able to ensure that your home is safe from possible carbon monoxide leaks, here are a few steps you can take to try to prevent this from ever happening in your home.

  • Make sure your HVAC was properly installed. An alarming rate of systems are never installed correctly making the performance questionable. There is no one surefire way to install this type of system which leaves room for mistakes. Unfortunately, some of those mistakes can end up resulting in safety hazards, such as fire or co2 exposure. If you are not completely confident the installation was handled properly, have another HVAC contractor take a look. Better to be safe than sorry.
  • Get proactive about preventative care. In other words, schedule your tune-up maintenance service at least annually but preferably once in the spring and once in the fall. Letting an industry expert assess the current health of your system makes it possible for them to spot any red flags that could mean trouble. Some simple adjustments and minor repairs can help maintain the well-being of your system and make certain that it is functioning properly. There are plenty of benefits to scheduled maintenance but preventing carbon monoxide leaks is a vital one.
  • Take care of what may seem like otherwise trivial tasks, like changing the filter. Anything that can cause the backup of airflow can pose a threat to how well the HVAC runs, as well as your well-being. The good news is that changing the filter is both easy and inexpensive, making it a task you can even DIY.

Want more advice along with reputable service that will ensure your safety? Then give our team of experts here at Fields Heating Cooling & Appliance Inc. a call and let us take care of all of your heating and cooling service needs.


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